CCEA/CASE Board of Ed Endorsements

Oct 08, 2020

The Carroll County Education Association Government Relations Committee, which is jointly composed of CASE and CCEA, has endorsed candidates Donna Sivigny and Marsha Herbert for the Carroll County Board of Education.  We believe that it is in our long-term strategic interest to support both Donna and Marsha for the following reasons:

1) Both of these candidates have experience serving in the capacity as a Carroll County Board of Education members.

2) We believe that we can work with both of these candidates and they both have proven receptive to our concerns.

3) Marsha is a former teacher and a MSEA Retired member and has been an excellent and visible ambassador to her schools in her time on the Board.  Donna has proven to be a leader in her role and backs this with her measured approach to each meeting.  In addition, Donna is likely going to continue being a significant fixture in Carroll County politics; it is in our strategic interest to work collaboratively with her.

We believe that every individual should vote according to their conscience but we continue to assert that it is in our long-term best interests to support both Donna Sivigny and Marsha Herbert for Carroll County Board of Education general election.  For more information regarding the options you have on your ballot, please visit:

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