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MSEA UniServ Directors

UniServ Representatives assist in contract negotiations.  After collective bargaining agreements are reached, many of their responsibilities are in contract enforcement – making sure that school boards live up to the letter and the spirit of the negotiated agreements. They work closely with the MSEA Center for Legal Issues and serve as advocates for education employees threatened with suits or unjust administrative actions.

If you are called into a meeting with an administrator that could result in discipline:

  1. Do not try to go it alone
  2. Do not resign.
  3. Do not respond to any charges.
  4. Do not sign anything under pressure. Politely indicate you need time to seek advice.
  5. Request reasons for decisions.
  6. Get everything in writing.
  7. Request that the meeting be adjourned until you can have your association’s UniServ director present.

If you feel you are being treated unfairly or are called into a meeting with an administrator that could result in discipline call the office for immediate assistance.

Remember:  Our UniServ Directors are in the business of protecting your rights.

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