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Your Personnel File

Keep and Maintain your own records

Don’t rely on the school system to compile Your Personnel File. Maintain your own records so that you can verify and document any disputes that may arise over your salary, seniority, leave, evaluation and other employee-related matters. Keep a folder of all THIS YEAR’S items.  At the end of the year, empty the folder into a more permanent file drawer (or box then begin again with the following year’s additions.

You should have the following documents on hand:

  • Proof of Association Membership & Information on Benefit Programs
  • A copy of the current Master Agreement
  • Copies of your personal employment contracts
  • Copies of any supplemental contracts
  • Retirement records & correspondence
  • Certificates, Licenses, Diplomas, etc.
  • Transcripts of all undergrad & grad credits & degrees
  • Records of ANY job-related seminars, in-services, workshops, conferences, or additional credits earned
  • ALL observations & evaluations, w/comments & responses
  • Records of commendations, awards and honors
  • Records of leave days (sick leave, personal, professional, annual)
  • Copies of work schedules & assignments
  • Records of any incidents involving student behavior (discipline, violence, disruptive)
  • Copies of letters & memos to & from administrators
  • Copies of letters to & from parents & colleagues
  • Copies of all documents in your school system personnel file

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