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Guiding Principles and Values

Carroll County Education Association:

Core Responsibilities In Meeting Our Members Needs

The Carroll County Education Association is committed to upholding the following principles in all aspects of our operations.  These principles define who we are, how we conduct ourselves, and guide us towards achieving our vision and mission.

  1. Integrity and Ethics:

We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all our interactions, both internally and externally.  We are transparent, honest, and accountable for our actions, ensuring that we always act in the best interests of our students, our educators, and our communities.

We demonstrate compassion and understanding toward students, educators, and all stakeholders involved in the education process.  We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment that values diversity, promotes respect, and fosters empathy.

  1. Advocacy for Students:

We passionately advocate for the educational needs and well-being of all students.  We strive to provide them with equitable opportunities, ensuring that their voices are heard and their rights are protected.  Our goal is to empower students to reach their full potential and become active, engaged members of society.

  1. Educational Freedom:

We advocate for the freedom for all students to learn and explore without constraints.  We support academic freedom, ensuring that educators have the flexibility to cultivate innovative teaching methods and curricula that spark curiosity, creativity, and intellectual growth.  We also seek to protect students’ rights to express their opinions, promoting a safe and inclusive environment that fosters open dialogue and nurtures independent thinking.

  1. Voice for Educators:

As an educators’ union, we serve as the collective voice for educators, promoting their rights, professional development, and well-being.  We advocate for fair compensation, working conditions, and opportunities for professional and personal growth.  We believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that enables educators to deliver quality education.

  1. Community Service:

We actively engage with the greater community, recognizing that education is a shared responsibility.  We contribute to the betterment of the community by collaborating with local organizations, supporting relevant causes, and providing resources and expertise.  This partnership strengthens the bonds between educators, students, families, and the wider community.

  1. Uniquely American Public Education System:

We recognize and celebrate that the American public education system is a cornerstone of our democracy.  It embodies the fundamental belief that every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves access to quality education.  Our union is committed to upholding and strengthening this uniquely American system, which promotes social mobility, civic engagement, and the development of an informed and active citizenry.

These guiding principles and values form the bedrock of our commitment to the educational community.  As members of this union, we pledge to uphold and promote these ideals in every facet of our work, with the utmost dedication and integrity.


Date of Adoption:  12/7/2023




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