Member action needed on CCPS Budget

Member action needed on CCPS Budget


Covid19 is having a financial impact on Carroll.  The school system is making hard decisions about where to put money and where to cut money.  The school system is vital to the community, and frontline educators are vital to the school system.  We have to speak out to ensure they are prioritized, to keep Carroll strong.


Email your Board of Education members to have an impact.  Below is a suggested draft you can use & edit. Just send one email to this list of addresses (all BOE members):


Note the text in brackets is for you to change.  Remember to do this from your home email address outside of normal duty hours (even though we know those are flexible right now).



Dear Board of Education Members,

I’m an educator who works at [insert work location here].  We frontline staff are working harder than ever now, learning new ways to support our students with minimal training, having to teach ourselves new technologies.

The quality, commitment, and morale of our educators has never been more important than in this crisis.  [If you wish, insert a sentence here about your family’s personal financial struggle or any thoughts you may have had about leaving either the profession or CCPS.]  For the sake of our students and their families, who need a strong, vibrant school system to serve them through this hard time, I urge you to prioritize your frontline educators in next year’s budget.


[your name]