CCEA Election Results

Mar 29, 2022

CCEA Election 21-22 The results are in! Congratulations to winners!! (Results are reported by the number of votes received.)

President-Celeste Jordan

Treasurer-To be announced

MSEA Convention Delegates:

Teresa McCulloh          Jesse Harrington          Tammy Chisholm         Emily Rosado Cruz

Celeste Jordan             Ralph Chiaramonte      Kelly Zavandro             Calvin Hall

Rachel McCusker        Nick Earp                      Brendan Galllagher      Lynne Conrad

Gary Foote                   Robin Szymanski         Bob Herbstsomer         Kim Toston

Josh Davidson             Sara Gallagher             Shannon Brooks          Rona Haddaway

Maureen Rooney         Sarah Carver                Christy Baummer         Alexis Mueller

MSEA Convention Delegates (continued):

Emily Muller        Dannielle Midkiff          Heather Goodhart        Jennifer Goffena

Kyle Patterson    Christy Hiltner               Jen Cuneo


NEA Convention Delegates :

Celeste Jordan             Maureen Rooney           Shannon Brooks

Gary Foote                   Josh Davidson             Sarah Carver

Jesse Harrington          Nick Earp                      Robin Szymanksi


Retired Member on Executive Board: Denise Applefeld-Hendin

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