CCEA 2022 Election Endorsements

May 03, 2022

CCEA’s Government Relations Committee and Interview Committee are proud to share their recommended local candidates for endorsement.

Our Recommended Candidates for Board of Education: 

Dr. Pat Dorsey—Dr. Dorsey has a wealth of experience in public education, identifies as a teacher and has been a strong advocate for most of her professional life.

Dr. Amanda Jozkowski—Dr. Jozkowski demonstrated a tremendous amount of experience with policy implementation and data analysis and could serve as a bridge to higher education.

Mr. Tom Scanlan—Mr. Scanlan was a longtime teacher, CCEA leader, and continues to be a pragmatic and unflappable champion for public schools.

Our Recommended Candidates for County Commissioners:

 District 1:  None.

District 2: Mr. Dave Reese. Mr. Reese brings a wealth of experience in local government.  Additionally, education funding is one of his highest priorities.

District 3:  Mr. Tom Gordon.  Mr. Gordon has experience running a campaign and also demonstrated his concerns about local education issues, is willing to learn, and also defers to experts when appropriate.

District 4:  None.

District 5:  Mr. Ed Rothstein. Mr. Rothstein has shown that he is receptive to concerns around education and we believe that we can rely on his continued support.

Our Recommendation for State’s Attorney: 

Mr. David Ellin. Mr. Ellin is an experienced prosecutor and a firm proponent of restorative practices. He  has expressed a strong interest in reducing the “school to prison” pipeline as well as using his office to educate youth about the judicial system.

Our Recommendation for Delegate:

Mr. Dennis Frazier. Mr. Frazier has been a friend to public education his entire career. He taught in public schools (in addition to being a CCEA member), was a successful wrestling coach, and has repeatedly proven an ability to work across the aisle to “get things done.”

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